I began my lymphatic drainage massage therapy treatments with Bonnie early in 2005, after re-injuring my knee while on the job as a firefighter. I had already had two previous surgeries for damaged articulating cartilage and the injuries I sustained caused additional swelling and pain to my knee. Both prior to and after surgeries, Bonnie's skillful hands helped ease the swelling in my knee which greatly reduced my pain and allowed me the ability to continue working. Unfortunately the damage was too extensive and I underwent a total knee replacement.  It was then that Bonnie began a series of myofascial release treatments on my leg to help ease the stiffness in the knee and the surrounding soft tissues of my leg. These treatments were coupled with the lymphatic drainage massage therapy and I believe that because of these therapies I was able to get the best possible range of motion for my left leg. -Debbie, LaGrange NY

Excellent class, very inclusive and helpful to all. I take a therapeutic (yoga) class with Bonnie and she meets you where you are. I have osteoarthritis and Menier's disease and I feel great afterward. I take what I've learned and apply that at home. Bonnie is very compassionate and caring with all her students no matter what abilities or disabilities we have. She is the best!!!! Very welcoming and non-judgmental. We have a lot of fun too and don't take ourselves so seriously. Love the peaceful studio space, very good energy. Highly recommended!!!!  -A Google user

    Again you have proved to me you are worth more than any price you charge! My shoulder feels really good, slight discomfort, but I went about my business after the massage and didn't even realize I have a problem with my shoulder. Only after I returned home and thought about the day I realized how much it hurt prior to receiving your massage. You truly are a angel in disguise! Thank you for your knowledge and expertise! You are a true professional.
Thank You.-John L., Hopewell Junction, NY

Bonnie is highly knowledgeable and has provided me with invaluable information - not just about nutrition, but also about exercise and spirituality.  She is a HUGE inspiration to me! -N. Thayer, Pleasant Valley, NY

I'm a vegetarian, massage therapist and a yoga instructor, people frequently assume I'm the picture of perfect health.  Between work and an active lifestyle my schedule is quite demanding. I would often grab things on the go and eat on the run. Bonnie told me to "Sit down and savor it!". This became, and still is my food mantra. Bonnie showed me that being conscious while I was eating was a great way to eat better food. When we take time to enjoy what we are eating we are more likely to eat things that are better for us, less processed and less chemicals. She showed me how to prepare snacks, make better choices within my comfort zone and introduced me to things I absolutely love that didn't know existed before.

Through small easily manageable changes Bonnie was able to transform my approach to eating. Knowing what a better choice is, making time for preparing and savoring my food, three easy steps to being healthier.  These changes also trickled over in to other aspects of my life allowing me to make better choices, make more efficient use of my time and enjoy life.  -Mark Terza, LMT, RYT

While working with Bonnie, I learned to pay attention to myself, physically, mentally and emotionally; and that self-care is extremely important for my well-being.  Bonnie has much knowledge to offer, tips, wisdom, and emotional support for anyone who works with her.  She considers the "whole person"; which is an approach that is very new to me.  -Gigi L, Fishkill, NY

Before I started learning about how to eat healthfully, I was eating fast food and junk food and I hardly ever cooked at home.  Now, after learning how simple it is to shop for and cook at home healthy and organic meals, I feel better, look better and eat better!           -Christine L. Poughkeepsie, NY