How does MFR differ from traditional Massage?

Traditional massage therapy uses lotion or oils to slide and glide over the muscles.  Myofascial Release is an integrated “whole body” treatment that provides “total physical, emotional and energetic” healing.  A Myofascial Release Therapist is aware that pain is often caused by excessive tightness of the connective tissue within the body, creating pressure on pain sensitive structures. The goal of treatment is to reduce or eliminate this tightness which is accomplished by specialized techniques unwinding your tension and tightness, re-balancing your body and helping it to let go of whatever is related to that tension, by releasing and creating space for growth and change, thereby allowing 

  • increased postural alignment
  • increased energy
  • increased body awareness
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • decreased pain
  • feeling more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally

(to name a few, as there are many results that may come from MFR)


Myofascial Release provides a comprehensive individualized treatment for the relief of pain, restoration of posture, and the return to function. Utilizing a method called John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release to address problems that have not responded to previous surgeries, therapies, and medications, bringing about positive and lasting changes. While Quintessential Massage & Wellness can effectively help people who have unsuccessfully tried other interventions and for those who are seeking a fresh approach to a new problem will also find success. Not all clients come as a result of pain. Many are simply looking to regain a quality of life that they are missing.

What to expect for my First Visit?
We will discuss your goals and reasons for seeking MFR.   Your evaluation will include a pertinent medical history, visual assessment of posture and tactile (touch) assessment of your tissue (fascia/connective tissue) as many problems are not isolated to the area where pain is felt. Bonnie will work to get to the true cause of the pain. All first sessions include actual treatment, so you will get the chance to experience myofascial release.  It will also include Myofascial release stretching exercises and self-care.
Keep in mind MFR is done on the skin, not through clothing. All initial visits are 90 minutes: This time includes a comprehensive evaluation and hands-on treatment.

What should I wear to my treatment?

Evaluation and treatment will work better if you bring with you a pair of loose fitting shorts. For women, a sports bra, bathing suit top, or tank top.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not use lotions on your body on your appointment day.

Skin needs to be clean and dry for this technique.



What Time Should I Arrive?

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to fill out the necessary paperwork.


What Happens If I Arrive Late?

Your session will end at the originally scheduled time. If there are no clients scheduled after you, it will be left at the discretion of the therapist whether to extend the session.


Do you accept insurance?

Quintessential Massage & Wellness does not participate with any insurance providers, including Medicare. Patients pay in full at the time of service and are given a statement to self-submit to their insurance provider.


How many sessions will I need?

A minimum of 5 to 6 sessions is recommended. 

Results vary by individual. There are many factors that play a role in the healing process. However, many experience a decrease in pain or increase in range of motion even after just one session. However, a minimum of 5 to 6 sessions is recommended to begin to get a sense of the entire body complex. Because you are all unique in your healing process your results will be different from someone else. As you learn to adapt to your changing body you will learn when and how often you need treatment. You will be given home stretching exercises and this will also assist in your recovery.



How often will I need to be treated?

Again, treatment plans vary by individual. Depending on the severity of the issues or the results one is looking for, MFR proves to be more effective when increased treatments are received in a shorter period of time. Treatment once or twice a week may be encouraged during an acute situation or at the beginning of a treatment plan. Depending on your therapeutic goals and current situation, sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week for 4 to 12 weeks is a fair estimate of necessary time.


How will it feel? Are Myofascial Release treatments painful?

Oftentimes, Myofascial Release is gentle and relaxing, but from time to time a session may be therapeutically challenging. Our bodies are Feeling, Physical beings. We often tune out pain and other unpleasant sensations, but Myofascial Release encourages one to feel ALL sensations that may arise. This is what our bodies need to do to heal. As your therapist, I will help you recognize, acknowledge and understand the necessity behind these therapeutically uncomfortable moments. It is most important to know that although MFR may bring up physical or emotional pain, it does not force and will not injure you.

It is important to listen to your body after a session, and know that some delayed soreness may be experienced. This is a NATURAL part of the healing process. It is important to discuss any pain or discomfort with your therapist. Drink plenty of water following your treatments and give yourself permission to experience these sensations to the fullest.

Clients are encouraged to give feedback about connections, sensations during treatment and after treatment.   Assessing is an ongoing process during treatment as the therapist is attuned to feeling the restrictions release and moving into the next barrier.